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Physical Security Services

Access Control

See the possibilities of having card readers within your business, facility, or even church.  Depending on your needs we can implement access control equipment such as magnetic locks, door strikes, or electrical door handles.

Screening Equipment

Walkthrough Metal Detectors and Xray Machines are vital pieces of equipment for screening. We have many years of experience diagnosing and getting the most use from them.  Maybe you have an event coming up that requires their support.  We're sure we can help.


Regardless of location, 24/7 surveillance system is a must. What many may see as a difficult blind spot to cover, our expertise can point you in the right direction with the right camera.  

Intrusion Detection

Motion, Infrared, door sensors, glass-breaks, seismic, and water sensors are a few of many devices that we offer to secure perimeters or what you find valuable to secure. 


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